Project Description

Having begun as a weekly digest geared toward African American readers, Jet magazine, founded in 1951 by John H. Johnson, earned renown for its thorough and persistent coverage of  America’s mid-century Civil Rights Movement.  At a time when White mainstream media largely ignored the reality and concerns of African Americans, Jet and its sister publication, Ebony, highlighted issues pertinent to its target demographic.  While political issues of the day claimed much of the publication’s pages, Jet also focused on lighter fare.  One of its ground breaking innovations was the feature entitled, “Beauty of the Week,” which promoted the beauty of African American women in a full color, full page photograph in which the subject posed tastefully in contemporary swimwear.  Most of the women featured were not professional models, but everyday girls next door who voluntarily submitted their own photos for publication. Presenting positive, informative, and relevant content remains the focus of Jet, which having published its final print issue in June of 2014, is exclusively available online at